Radius Gold Change of Business

Dear Shareholders,

In response to a number of enquiries regarding the change of business Radius has recently completed, I would like to clarify the following:

  1. Although the title suggests otherwise, Radius will NOT be changing sectors, management or the main nature of its transactions. Radius remains involved in the resource sector as always. The company is not seeking to solely become a royalty company nor an investment fund.
  2. Radius now has more flexibility within the sector. There are a number of restrictions that apply to Tier 2 exploration companies which limited the company's ability to take advantage of these difficult market conditions. As a Tier 1 investment issuer, the company has the ability to apply its working capital to a wider variety of projects.
  3. The change of business provides Radius with new opportunities for growth. The company remains focused on acquiring interest in properties for mineral exploration. The change of business expanded the type of interest we are able to attain. As an additional advantage, as a Tier 1 issuer, Radius benefits from a more favorable regulatory environment and increased opportunity for participation by institutional investors.
Thank you for your continued support and encouragement.

Simon Ridgway
Founder, President and CEO

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 Radius Gold Inc.
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Leveraging Experience
Discovering Gold

Radius is a well-financed exploration company. For the past several years the focus has been gold exploration in Central America. The Company has had success in the region, discovering several new gold deposits. While these discoveries have kept the Company financed, management continues to review projects available for acquisition. This should make for an exciting year for Radius!

The Company is led by Simon Ridgway, a successful entrepreneur, explorationist and financier. A recent decision to expand the geographical and commodity focus of the Company should allow for more opportunity to leverage its corporate assets: Experience and a Strong Treasury.