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Amalia Project

AMDD18-008 | AMDD18-009 | AMDD19-010 | AMDD19-011 | AMDD19-012 | AMDD19-013


AMDD18-008 92.30 to 99.0m

AMDD18-008 99.0 to 105.85m

AMDD18-008 105.85 to 112.65m

AMDD18-008 112.65 to 119.50m

AMDD18-008 119.50 to 125.95m

AMDD18-008 125.95 to 132.70m.jpg

AMDD18-008 132.70 to 139.35m


Photographic record of the high-grade zone in AMD009 with meter by meter assay:

Complete photographic record of the mineralized interval in AMD009 with meter by meter assay:


Hole AMDD19-010 284 gt Au

Hole AMDD19-010 49 gt Au

AMDD019-010 209.3m to 216m

AMDD019-010 216m to 222.19m

AMDD019-010 222.19m to 229.65m

AMDD019-010 229.65m to 236.35m

AMDD019-010 236.35m to 242.95m

AMDD019-010 242.95m to 249.2m

AMDD019-010 249.2m to 255.8m


AMDD19-011 234.20 to 240.90m

AMDD19-011 240.90 to 246.50m

AMDD19-011 246.50 to 252.90m

AMDD19-011 252.90 to 259.30m

AMDD19-011 259.30 to 265.0m

AMDD19-011 265.0 to 271.80m

AMDD19-011 271.80 to 278.40m

AMDD19-011 278.40 to 284.95m

AMDD19-011 284.95 to 291.40m

AMDD19-011 291.40 to 297.80m

AMDD19-011 297.80 to 303.95m

AMDD19-011 303.95 to 310.10m

AMDD19-011 310.10 to 316.30m

AMDD19-011 314.30 to 326.30m

AMDD19-011 326.30 to 330.15m

AMDD19-011 330.15 to 338.50m

AMDD19-011 338.50 to 347.25m


AMDD19-012 174.80 to 184.60m

AMDD19-012 184.60 to 190.70m

AMDD19-012 190.70 to 197.10m

AMDD19-012 197.20 to 204.20m

AMDD19-012 204.20 to 210.80m

AMDD19-012 210.80 to 217.20m

AMDD19-012 217.20 to 223.40m

AMDD19-012 223.40 to 227.65m

AMDD19-012 227.65 to 234.10m


AMDD19-013 194.20 to 201.10m

AMDD19-013 201.10 to 207.70m

AMDD19-013 207.70 to 214.40m

AMDD19-013 214.40 to 221.35m